What is Pan gutter and how is it different from Seamless Gutter?

Pan style roof section (Click to Enlarge)

Many Homes in our Area include an attached aluminum screen room called a “Florida Room” that was added either after the house was built or during construction.  Many new homes may also have this addition, but now the style of roof has been changed from a Pan style roof to a Styrofoam or Elite panel.  The older Pan Style (above) roofs usually require a square decorative gutter which is installed in addition to a Molding or Valance that covers the edges of the roof that doesn’t require gutters. The Valance is actually used to close the end of the gutter, and regular downspouts are used to bring the water to the ground. Usually Pan style roofs do not have a fascia attached, the Pan gutter(below)

Simple diagram of Pan Gutter (front to the right, attached upper left)

is attached from the top with the gutter simulating the look of a fascia while draining the water. Due to the lack of a fascia regular K-Style seamless gutter cant be attached properly to these older applications and the Pan style gutter is required.  However, you can use the pan style gutter with the new elite roofs to achieve that classic look.  Or, if you prefer seamless guttering can be added to elite panels to achieve a more up to date look. Excel Aluminum can install or add gutters to these rooms, but we don’t install complete  Florida rooms. We can only replace or install to existing Florida Rooms.

Check out our latest addition of Pan Style gutters to a house in Merrit Island Florida including the Valence and regular 3×4 downspouts.  Not Sure what kind of gutter you need? Give us a call to help you make your most informed decision on your water drainage needs.

Pan Gutters add a Classic Style to your Screen Room. Call us now for addition or replacement
Pan Gutter is installed to simulate a fascia and draining the water serving a double purpose.
Valance serves as a Molding on the side and seals both ends of gutter. A Standard 3×4 downspout is added to drain the gutter.


Seamless K-Style Gutters Installed on the front of the same house in Merrit Island Florida.