Why use 6 inch seamless gutters on Florida Homes

Living in Florida presents challenges in water drainage not always present in other parts of the country. Tropical Storms, tropical depressions, and heavy thunderstorms can drop multiple inches of rainfall in a matter of minutes.  Long soaking rains and light rainfall are not a regular occurance in our state, and usually on most houses a larger gutter is needed to compensate for our unusual weather patterns.

When to use 6 inch Gutters

Six inch gutters have a larger top opening on them which helps catch water when it rushes down metal and tile roofs, and having them on such roof applications is almost a neccessity. Also large low sloping shingle roofs will also require a larger gutter. A good rule of thumb is to use a larger gutter on all metal, tile, and large low sloping hip roofs.

Demand is High for a Reason

Six inch gutters can handle more water and can also be installed with a smaller number of downspouts. Five inch gutters tend to need more downspouts, handle less water, and only apply to smaller roofs and low water drainage situations in Florida. Due to the low amount of 5 inch gutters installed in our area usually the difference in price is almost non-existant. In fact only a few material suppliers stock the materials needed to install 5 inch due to low demand.

We Recommend 6 Inch Gutters in Most Applications

Excel Aluminum recommends 6 inch gutter for almost all installations except repairs on existing systems and spaces where 6 inch simply will not fit. Call us now to get a expert opinion on your own gutter system, leaf covers, and optional underground applications.

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