Leaf Protection Products to Save you time and Money

Leaf protection for low maintenance gutters.

Leaves and debris from surrounding trees can cause big problems for your newly installed or existing seamless gutter system.  We offer solutions to help save you time and money, and provide protection from potential water damage caused by backed up gutters and clogged downspouts.



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A permanent attachment to your gutter system, the cover is low profile, allowing the water to flow in the system while keeping the leaves out. We also offer several other options for leaf protection but have found this to be one of the best values in leaf protection. Now available in colors!


Leaf-Smart is a coated mesh screen that is ideal for large trees and big leaf drops. It allows more water flow,  and is highly suited for metal roofs and high pitched roofs to allow maximum water flow


Another cover I’ve used extensively is  Leaf Relief® by Alcoa.  A more expensive cover,  this guard includes a vinyl strip on the back creating a better seal while adding even more to the low profile look of the guards.

Need Leaf protection that works? Tired of cleaning your gutters and clearing clogged spouts? We offer low cost cleaning and gutter protection that saves you time and money give Neal a call or text at 321-507-7848 or email excelgutter@gmail.com